MEVday Paris

MEVday Paris

MEVday Paris was an EthCC side event by Frontier Research, co-organised with CoW Protocol and with participation from leading protocols and stakeholders in the Transaction Supply Chain space.

Building on the foundations set out at @ Devconnect 2022, the event was focused on the current and future state of MEV and the Transaction Supply Chain. Bringing together leading teams building across multiple verticals including wallets, DEXs, orderflow auctions, block builders and intent expression layers.

Date: Tuesday 18 July 2023

Agenda + Recordings

Panel 1 - Designing a DEX in 2023 -

Panel 2 - The Orders Must Flow -

Infinite Games - Stephane Gosselin -

Panel 3 - PBS and Beyond -

Panel 4 - Searchers and Builders -

Panel 5 - State Your Intents -